Eclipse crashes updating maven indexes

18-Jul-2020 17:08

The general capability for assigning IDs is a "sequence", and has the same functionality as a SQL SEQUENCE.

The idea of a sequence is that it allocates values efficiently (without causing a performance bottleneck), and guarantees that the same value won't be used twice. If you are currently storing objects using a Tuple Binding, it is possible to add fields to the tuple without converting your existing databases and without creating a data incompatibility.

Following the completion of the checkpoint, the reader processes can re-open the environment.

We've had a few questions about whether data files can be shared between Berkeley DB and Berkeley DB Java Edition.

The answer is that the on disk format is different for the two products, and data files cannot be shared between the two.

Key prefixing is a database storage technique which reduces the space used to store B-Tree keys. JE also does not currently support key compression.

eclipse crashes updating maven indexes-16

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It is useful for applications with large keys that have similar prefixes. While we have thought about it for both the DB and JE products, there are issues with respect to the algorithm that is used, the size of the key, and the actual values of the key.

The problem scenario can occur if (1) JE performs a The flag should never be used in a local environment configuration since it incurs a performance penalty.