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30-Jan-2020 13:40

Sometimes it’s hard to see the little kid, and in truth, they really aren’t any longer. Regardless of age, there is something in each of us that desires to connect. If you and your ex are on the same page, you’ve got a built-in sounding board, and you can bounce ideas off each other and vent frustrations.

While we think our children are getting ready to go it on their own, this is the time when parents are needed most, even when it’s hard. But keep it between you two; no one, teenager or otherwise, wants to hear someone talking about them. Pick someone else, like a good friend or family member.

Our ultimate goal as divorced dads in raising our children is to enable them to live fulfilling lives on their own.

As teenagers, they’re just learning how to use some of what we’ve spent years teaching them. As a divorced dad, you can choose to engage by opening up a little space, by learning to accept quiet as the first step in conversation.

First wives drive a wedge between the fathers and adult children.

Fathers either consciously or unconsciously choose to do this when they become involved with a new partner. A mother's parental instinct is more keen than a fathers. Very few mothers make a new relationship a priority over their children.

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Second wives or partners drive a wedge between fathers and children and fathers allow this to happen.3.In a rapidly changing world, that constancy brings comfort to both of you.