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07-Mar-2020 03:25

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My knee-jerk response was "Duh, who wouldn't be pissed?" Oddly enough, after viewing some of the discussion on the comment thread, I realized that my judgment might have been a little harsh.If you have moved on from this person, you really should not take issue with who they are with now.The second factor, which may seem contradictory, is that it depends on how much you invested in and loved the ex-boyfriend.I'm not trying to generalize, but most of my female friends talk about past boyfriends, dissecting why their relationships didn't work.From "he just doesn't get me" to "we're too different" to "why did we stay together THAT long," women tend to overanalyze past relationships.not only does nikki take him on but his best friend as well.

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nikki nievez has wanted to fuck her sisters husbannikki nievez has wanted to fuck her sisters husband for years now.

Her experiences in the dating world inspire her "Relationship Rant" column.

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