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06-Feb-2020 19:48

The university Student Health Centre handed out the Pill like sweeties. But at the same time you had no reason to be careful - bad.Most of us embraced the hippie-esque idea that sexual freedom was a beautiful thing to be celebrated.When the novelist Martin Amis said recently that it was the sexual revolution of the Sixties and Seventies that destroyed his 'pathologically promiscuous' sister Sally, an alcoholic who died in 2000 aged 46, he provoked a wave of controversy.His views were ridiculed by his critics, who claimed that his sister 'was out of control.Who is to say he isn't right and that in a less 'liberal' society his sister might have behaved differently, or might have been safer?Of course any individual is a unique, complex, multi-faceted creation - shaped by family, by personal reactions to events, and by the random nature of sex and love.You only have to think of the excesses of the first sexual revolution - the 'roaring' Twenties.But our sexual revolution was more sweeping and long-lasting.

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And, equally important; what is the ongoing effect on the society of today?I was working on a glossy magazine at the time and we all looked askance at this brash newcomer with its philosophy that women should do anything to be sexy and get a man.

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A particularly hard question has to be asked at the outset: “Is it D. ” I hope the series will help you work out some of your own lingering questions about dating in the district.… continue reading »

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