Dating uk patent numbers

13-Jun-2020 03:58

The claims set this out and is based on the description and any drawings.If allowed protection by the UK Intellectual Property Office, it is published, perhaps in amended form, as &End Highlight=GB2436596B.This posting explains about British patent numbers, both old and new. The first “application number” is allocated when a patent is applied for, and is in the format 0517653 where 05 indicates the year of filing, 2005, and 17653 indicates a number from a consecutive sequence for that year.At the end there may be a check digit preceded by a fullstop but this can be ignored.A little data is then available in the Official Journal (Patents), held at the British Library and sometimes elsewhere, in numerical order.

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Applications can be refiled within 12 months to make amendments in which case a fresh number is given.

Publication is approximately 18 months from the original British number (or 18 months from when it was initially filed abroad in which case it quotes “priority” details). 2436596 is from a numerical sequence that began in 1978 with 2000001 while the A indicates that it is an application.

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