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20-Mar-2020 13:51

For women seeking a medical abortion procedure, a sonogram is recommended to determine if the pregnancy is viable (uterine, non-ectopic pregnancy) and for accurate pregnancy dating. For information about abortion you may call the APA toll-free helpline at 1-800-672-2296, or search locally by zip code below. Although Phoebe ended up homeless by her mid-teens, following the various deaths/abandonments/imprisonments of their parents, Ursula apparently did not. Ursula dumped Joey shortly after by not talking to him and avoiding meeting him.How the sisters came to be separated as minors was never revealed. Phoebe pretended to be Ursula to break up with Joey gently, but was found out nonetheless.

On the last episode of Mad About You, it was revealed that Ursula would become the Governor of New York in the future.

In Ursula's word, her version "got the gist" of the original suicide note, which she had apparently lost in the interim.

Ursula also sold Phoebe's birth certificate to a Swedish runaway, as revealed in "The One Where They All Turn Thirty"; as a result, Phoebe did not know what her middle name was while Ursula's was "Pamela".

In "The One With The Jam", Ursula's stalker Malcolm followed Phoebe by mistake.

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It was revealed in "The One With The Jellyfish" that Ursula had always known the truth about her and Phoebe's parentage.

MTX is a medical abortion procedure used up to the first 7 weeks (49 days of pregnancy). A Clinician’s Guide to Medical and Surgical Abortion.

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