Dating someone with a disability

28-May-2020 18:53

Maybe it's not a disability that falls under the legal definition and maybe it's not visible.But I have dated men who were weaker in character than I am physically.In a world built for the able-bodied, disabled people face countless barriers in their everyday lives.Dating can be even more challenging, then, for the woman who has to spend every first date explaining how she “ended up” in a wheelchair or the man who receives pitying glances as he gives his date a rose. Census statistics in 2012, one in five people Americans has a disability and more than half consider their disability severe, but physical and cognitive limitations don't stop those with disabilities from enjoying dating and having meaningful, lasting relationships.A disability can be defined in several ways – there are both mental disabilities and physical ones, and each need to be handled differently.The bottom line, though, is when someone has a disability, they can’t function completely the way ‘normal’ people can.But, it can take a certain person to be able to deal with those disabilities.

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