Dating someone of a different race

06-Apr-2020 13:52

References about how beautiful your hypothetical mixed babies would be.2. Knowing you’ll never be mistaken as brother and sister…We totally could have been adopted though.4. Long nights of discussing what you love about your culture.26.

Encounters with family members or friends you can’t speak with.5. Discussions about why the US Education, Health, War, and Justice system sucks (if one is American).27. Spending more time with his/her family or friends because of the distance to yours.32. Knowing they can take you places only natives/locals know of.34.

When I was in college, my sister and I told him he needed a lesson in ignorance, and we sat him down with us to watch “Crash.” (It was the closest thing to an intervention we could think of.) His response: “Great movie, but I would never do such terrible things. “Do you realize you’re saying these things about some of our closest friends? I felt deflated, knowing that I’d never be able to tell my dad about our love.

So, as I gear up to meet Rishi at a “friendly group function” this weekend, I can’t help but worry that our could-be relationship is DOA.

No pressure because it’s just a traveler fling, and you know it wouldn’t work out in real life anyways.44. Not resenting someone who wasn’t ready to make those sacrifices.48. The novelty of dating someone of a different country or race.50.

Assumptions that either person has a “fetish” for a certain race or culture.45. Understanding that love sees no color, feels no borders, hears no accent, and tastes nothing but sweet sweet kisses of trust, friendship, and passion.

To this day, I still haven’t told my dad that Don and I were an item for two years.

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Here’s the thing: I know that if I told my father I was dating someone African-American, Asian, Indian or anything other than what he considers “white,” he would bite his tongue. He wouldn’t tell me he was mad or uncomfortable— but I would know. At the end of the day, I love my dad unconditionally, and that includes having to deal with his skewed, ignorant opinions.This article was originally published on Travel Break, and has beeen re-posted here with permission.