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17-May-2020 09:26

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Maybe you don’t have to talk about it on a first date or two, but if it looks like the relationship will become serious, sit down and bring your credit reports with you.Perhaps one of you can help the other clean up their credit and other minor issues, but if your credit score is 200 points below your partner’s, they’ll want to know why.This is a site that claims good credit scores are sexy.The site is free to join, provides a variety of relationship styles and allows you to be matched based on compatible credit scores.For someone who values their high credit score of 750 or above, this is music to his or her digital ears.However, before you comingle funds, remember that any online dating site profile is as accurate as the data that's inspiring lots of "dating is hell" commentary from around the Internet, because from this piece comes the "decidedly unromantic question" of our time: "What's your credit score?" today that's inspiring lots of "dating is hell" commentary from around the Internet, because in this piece, writer Jessica Silver-Greenberg tells of Jessica La Shawn, a flight attendant from Chicago, who went out with a seemingly pretty great guy (with great teeth!

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" Ah, love in the early aughts, a time when you might meet a super girl or guy, fall in love, and then find out that person has a subpar credit score and have to dump them.

If you do know, and you know that your credit score is bad, you should lie to at least get a free meal, lord knows you could use it, and, look, later you can tell the truth, or just "disappear" (you need a new credit score anyway! Tell that person exactly what it is—in fact, pull out that gorgeous little Equifax printout you've laminated and show it—then buy plane tickets to Vegas immediately, using points, of course, fly there, and get married. If you're having trouble with any of the above, whether it be your credit score or weird dating questions about it, know that "small, online dating Web sites have sprung up to cater specifically to singles looking for a partner with a tiptop credit score." We'll allow you to google those on your own; if you have a terrible credit score, no need to apply!