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24-Jan-2020 22:02

In Korea, coupledom is as much about the performance of coupledom as it is about dating itself.In other words, what’s the point in dating unless you can really let everyone around you know that you’re dating, unless total strangers and Facebook friends alike can really feel the full force of your relationship? Every movie ticket purchased was photographed and uploaded so people could see that we had gone to see together and then that mediocre new Spiderman sequel (What ever happened to Tobey Maguire? Every daytime excursion to a strawberry farm in the countryside, the notes we wrote to each other and posted on the wall of a coffee shop near said strawberry farm, every shared bowl of flavored shaved ice, every hike, all of our various dating acts recorded and documented and posted in a bundle of photos on Facebook along with a succinct written summary of our activities, all of this information about our coupledom sent hurtling out headlong into the social media morass.The dog sleeping placidly besides an overturned bowl.These were estimable amounts of time I was losing engaged in composing these mini-messages.During the car ride there, while her brother jerkily piloted the rented sedan down the freeway, I informed my girlfriend of the type of amusement park rides that would be most likely to make me projectile vomit.

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All of the photos were promptly posted to Facebook that evening.The pressure is amplified in the confines of Korea’s communal Confucian society.