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18-May-2020 05:19

So now, not only am I bitter, but I’m starting to second guess our relationship.

We have been dating for over two years and have a great loving, fun and trusting relationship…

You may be doomed to a life of chintzy gifts and cheap vacations spent in second-rate hotels.

When it’s time to buy things for your house, you may feel forced into spending much less than is required for good-quality products. If not, it may be time to jettison the cheapskate and look for someone who puts spending money in the proper perspective.

We will go on double dates and I get embarrassed when him and I split our bill and our friends don’t.

And the kicker is when he sends me links to expensive items online and request I buy it for his birthday or our anniversary.

I hope to marry him, but I look into the future and am worried that I am getting myself into a life of splitting the grocery bill.

I’ve never said a peep about this to him or have expressed my feelings because how do you tell someone in so many words that they are not spending enough money on you? Dear IWC, Although I definitely think women should not date or marry men based on wealth, this situation is a definite huge red flag.

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She claims she’s just old-fashioned, but she never picks up the check and your relationship is starting to feel like an “arrangement.” How did you get mixed up with this cheapskate, this person who is always out to save a few bucks, no matter how inconvenient or annoying the consequences?

Example: for my birthday, he bought me something used from Ebay.

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