Dating carte de visite

22-Nov-2019 00:04

By the 1880s and 1890s, however, the cabinet card, a larger, higher quality albumen print, challenged and eventually surpassed the carte-de-visite in popularity.By the twentieth century, newer photographic technologies replaced both the carte-de-visite and the cabinet card and the formats disappeared from use.Spanning from 1851 to 1896, the Southern Cartes-de-Visite Collection reflects the explosion of the format in the South and its gradual decline.

Despite the progress brought about by these efforts, only 609 and of the 3356 cartes-de-visite possess either dates or estimates.Concerned more with growing their businesses than with recording the moment for posterity, studios and galleries rarely included when the cartes-de-visite was actually taken.As a result, many of the collection's images are either undated or list dates or estimates provided by customers, recipients, or contemporary archivists.In 1854, Disdéri had also patented a method of taking eight separate negatives on a single plate, which reduced production costs.

The Carte de Visite was slow to gain widespread use until 1859, when Disdéri published Emperor Napoleon III's photos in this format.Although this represents less than one-fifth of the collection, the sample roughly corresponds to the rise and fall of cartes-de-visite in the South.