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But when the other person doesn’t want to hear repeated avowals of your love, you can end up coming across as needy and desperate, merely because you’re disregarding how your partner feels and what he or she wants. True feelings of love don’t force themselves on another person in ways or at times that the person isn’t ready to receive them.

Again, sometimes the best way to show your love is to respect the other’s wishes and allow the relationship to grow and develop more gradually. It calls too often or sends too many text messages.

Remember, you’re looking for a soul mate, not a cellmate.

He's very excited about her, and spends most of his time thinking about her. After their second date, she starts calling Jack every day - just to say "hi." Jack is surprised and pleased to get her call the first time. You'll understand the effect you have on a man when your calling behavior is "off"!

There can sometimes be a fine line between loving and smothering, but if you want a healthy and long-lasting relationship, it’s an important one not to cross.

In your efforts to find your one, true love, be careful not to make another person feel as if he or she is being imprisoned.

It may seem strange, but there really are times when it’s the best idea to say “I love you” over and over again. It results from fear and can end up making the relationship feel like a prison to the other person. It frees the other to be and act and love how the person chooses.

It’s like building a border of rocks around a campfire to contain it and to keep it from going where it would naturally go. Whereas smothering encircles and contains the fire with rocks, love kicks the rocks away, allowing the fire to burn strong and free. When you smother another person, you tell them who they should and shouldn’t spend time with. You expect them to behave in ways you want them to behave, sometimes even through manipulation. Loving someone means allowing others to be fully themselves. It can be produced by jealousy, fear, and anxiety, and it’s one of the surest ways of driving someone away. Love is emotionally strong enough to respect another person’s space and to trust that what’s meant to happen will happen.

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Most of the books I write are specifically written for women, because I have spent a lifetime studying and thinking about what makes a man attracted to a woman - and what makes a man stay with a woman. Carlie had no idea that her innocent calls caused Jack to feel that she wasn't the elusive, thrilling girl he first thought she was. That night, he wonders if Carlie is about to have the "relationship talk" with him. Jack went from thinking about her every day - to avoiding her calls more and more.Many woman have spoken to me of how much they enjoyed the book Calling Men: The Complete Guide to Calling, Emailing, and Texting the Men You Date. Author of The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man.

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This book is full of practical suggestions and surprising insights into how men think. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

it’s true that in a relationship, two people rub off on each other and help each other grow and evolve, but this process needs to be built on respect and appreciation for each person’s individuality. Relationships need space and air to breathe if they’re going to survive and thrive.

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