Dating and a german and guy

26-Jul-2020 15:59

(Of course, according to my theory, Inuit people living in the Arctic should be tall enough to touch the goddamn sun, but hey, I was drunk at the time.) Now, I have absolutely explanation why German men tend to be so thin.

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Regularly alternating the way you think is going to make you a more interesting person, if not outright more intelligent.

So if you’re into pretty boys, come on over; you’ll have a mouthful of beautifully shorn scrotum before you even leave the airport.

“Oh, well you’re just the whole package, aren’t you…

Hell, most of my German friends even speak a limited amount of some additional and totally unnecessary language, like French. Hell no, but I triple-dog-dare you to try and find a stupid polylinguist.

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Something about forcing the brain to switch between languages makes it more flexible and dynamic.

It encourages high school graduates to go learn a thing or two about the world and stop being such narcissistic little shit twisters.