Dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

02-Jul-2020 00:56

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Newlywed Deanna Williams was just six weeks pregnant when she discovered her husband of five months, Robin, was cheating on her.She discovered the betrayal when she read a text on his work mobile when he was out shopping.‘She accused me of having an affair with a girl at work, but it was all taken to court and done and dusted there. I’ve moved on and I think she should, too.’But as Adele, Rebecca and Deanna all testify, being cheated on by the one person who should be supporting and protecting you on your journey to bring a new life into the world leaves an unhealable scar.‘But I reeled off my conversation with his mistress and said: “I’ve got her number here. Her life, her trust in men, her future and family would never be the same again. , 10 per cent of fathers-to-be cheat on their partners during pregnancy.Some say they do it because they feel usurped by the impending arrival and fear their position in the family is being undermined.I expect if you could read minds you would discover the alarming truth he was secretly relieved his wife got pregnant though not because he doesn't love you or because he didn't still have his dreams of being with you full-time or didn't mean to break his promise but the pregnancy has given him a decent excuse to save the effort and emotional energy needed for the upheaval of several lives and the expense and complications of the project. If you are determined to one day settle down in a permanent relationship you have two choices.I expect as his kids got older he was starting to be scared witless... the only way he could carry out his plan would have been in extreme anger or misery. It is for these reasons a married man rarely leaves his wife for his mistress and if he does it is rarely permanent. From what you know about him you can imagine a lot more with a fair degree of accuracy and deduce the rest. You can begin searching for another soulmate or you can light that fire under your lover and hope things go your way, though I doubt they would for the aforementioned reasons and a few more.If you are a confirmed single woman, a spinster if you like and not skilled at living with someone full-time and not used to considering another person in your home.If you like being responsible only for yourself and enjoy the freedom of a single life.

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Ironically, Adele puts her husband’s infidelity down to his new-found body confidence: around the time she became pregnant, Paul lost an astonishing 12 stone after being overweight for years.When Chloe was five, Rebecca was thrilled to give birth to a son, Darcy, now 15, believing she could finally put Marc’s infidelity behind her.They moved to Belgium to run a bar and then, when Darcy was two, decided to live in Spain, where Marc wanted to set up an estate agency.If you are self contained and content with your own company most of the time then it is possible you would discover you are hell to live with and living with someone else is hell...

As unfortunate as his wife's pregnancy is it might be beneficial for you after you have asked yourself those questions, to consider leaving things as they are. Most people will have little sympathy and tell you to get out now, that you shouldn't have had an affair and/or you shouldn't have allowed it to go on so long.