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28-Apr-2020 13:58

In "Low Self Esteem City," Nicky attempts to seduce Fischer as part of a contest with Boo.

Fischer is unsure of what Nicky's proposition entails but immediately adopts a more serious tone, even calling her "Inmate," something she is rarely seen doing.

She has prominent smile lines extending to her chin.

Her naturally protruding eyes give her a somewhat bug-eyed albeit adorable appearance.

Fischer and the other CO's grew unhappy with the new shot quota.

Fischer complained to Caputo that the quota bred distrust between the guards and the inmates, and resulted in inmates being punished unfairly.

Fischer is shown to eavesdrop on inmate calls when on duty.

Plus early heads up about new tees, new contributors, and our events. Caputo told her to drop the matter and comply with his directives, but she continued to argue until Caputo fired her on the spot.