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A Quick-Fix Salt Circle Spell ~ This is a potent quick-fix circle spell.It is particularly valuable when a spiritual danger suddenly threatens to overwhelm you. Sit within the circle and visualize yourself as safe and free from harm.I still skate; I cruise around on a five foot skate board around Beverly Hills from client to client.2) You’ve got a lot of variety in your art – from very provocative women, to surfers to golfers & Country Club themes, to rock n’ roll icons, to Hollywood themes, to horses, shadow figurines and photo graphic art manipulations. Was it similar to Picasso where you went through “phases” or are you working across multiple mediums every day?If stayed within the lines of good and bad and managed that, it was an amazing way to grow up, there were fun parties hang out at almost every week and the scene was just cool.Back then it was all about skateboarding too, we loved Stacy Paralta, Tracker Trucks, Cadillac Wheels, all from our local shop, Val’s Surf.Q & A with Los Angeles artist and gallery owner Daniel Maltzman 1) You grew up in LA with the surf and skating culture, does it influence your work and how have you seen it change over time?

Yes, I recently got approached to do a show called “life on canvas by Daniel Maltzman,” that is currently being pitched about the life of being an artist and gallery owner in Los Angeles.

I talk currently to schools, art orgs and groups, museums about that very topic. Hot baths, old playboy collections, loud music on Sunset? I look at Google images and make manipulations from them.