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About six months after the marriage things came to a head. She went straight to the point telling me that “I did not do it for her in bed” I foolishly asked her what she meant which brought an exasperated sigh, but she bluntly told me. When I did my dick was too small and I ejaculated prematurely leaving her “high and dry” as she put it. When I awoke in the morning my dick was again hard and the images were there again. I remember they were normal clothes, but everything about her seemed sexually exciting. I did not really take in what she had said before she shocked me by saying that she had a date that night.

Before I could draw breath she added that her vibrator and fingers could only keep her sane for so long and what she needed was a real man between her legs. I told her I would try harder, but she said she did not think I was up to it and besides ‘trying’ wouldn’t make my prick any bigger. It was Saturday so I stayed in bed late and argued with myself, but I knew what I wanted. I sheepishly told her I was sorry that I did not satisfy her and that I wanted us to stay together and for her to take a boyfriend who would make her a real woman. She smiled mischievously again and said that if the noise I had made playing with myself in the night was anything to go by I was going to enjoy it almost as much as her. I was angry again demanding to know whether she had already been unfaithful. She was due to meet him at 7.00 pm at his home, which was only 5 minutes away. What she had said was true I was looking forward to it almost as much as her and I spent the whole day with an erection.

Her make up was unusually heavy, and she was wearing bright scarlet lipstick. She looked at me with sparkling eyes and said the clothes made her look like a “thingy”. She pouted and said “no silly, a slut” and then added perhaps a whore as well. She had never worn anything like that before for me, not even in the bedroom.

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A slit that I hoped was being stretched by a massive cock. When she had left me earlier that evening she had looked the sexiest little slut that I had ever seen. I asked her whether she had enjoyed herself and said “oh fuck yes”. She was leaning back against the door so her knees were pointed in my direction.

As usual, he had all I needed for a perfect evening. She is probably right if you are a woman who does not like men drooling over you, but to a man they are perfect.

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