Comcast dvr guide not updating

27-May-2020 12:55

The service enables customers to stay connected to their home and family through the use of a free Xfinity Home app as well as through any Internet-connected device.

As Xfinity Home continues to evolve and expand, we continue to look for new opportunities to work with innovative companies to bring the latest technologies to our customers.

BTW, if I understand correctly the i Guide utilizes 2 way communication channel which means (theoretically) that statistical data can be collected.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why there seem to be resistance.

If you do have a cablecard you may remove it and hook your cable up straight to see if the guide starts to load. On other boards I have also read that one issue was at the point of origin.

The GEMSTAR CP at the station was locked and needed to be rebooted.

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