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The same drug was found in the system of actor Heath Ledger when he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in 2008.Ledger played The Joker in the previous Batman film The Dark Knight.Vicodin side-effects can include euphoria, paranoia and, in rare cases, hallucinations.The video footage of Holmes was taken at Miramar College in San Diego and showed him explaining that "temporal illusions" are "an illusion that allows you to change the past".

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A woman who introduced the talk said Holmes's goals were to make scientific discoveries, that he enjoyed football and strategy games, and "his dream is to own a slurpee machine".On June 25 he applied to join a private gun range, the 0 Lead Valley Range, in Byers, Colorado.Glenn Rotkovich, the owner, called to invite him for an orientation and got through to a "bizarre" voicemail message.The 6-foot-5 Harpham called himself “a big friendly giant.” Harpham’s struggles with substance abuse were documented by his mother, Heather Kopp, in her book ““ When her son quit drinking and sought help through Alcoholics Anonymous in 2007, his mother thought “It’s quite possible there’s a miracle afoot.” . He was quiet, law-abiding and coherent, albeit a paranoid ex-alcoholic with religious “issues.” Gun control would have done nothing to stop him.

The first video footage of the suspect showed him as an awkward, nervous 18-year-old giving a talk at a science summer camp in San Diego on "temporal illusions".According to his CV he spent the summer of 2008 working as a counsellor at Camp Max Straus, which offers activities such as horse riding for underprivileged children.