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Some can be bashful while others are wary of strangers.They are good friends to children, but if you have toddlers, consider adopting an adult Bluetick, who will be less rambunctious than a puppy.He loves to hunt and will go off on his own if given half a chance.Blueticks can adapt to living indoors or outdoors, but they appreciate soft furniture and air conditioning just as much as anyone else.

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In addition to being great hunting dogs, they usually pull double-duty as house dogs and companions.

All pets must be current on vaccinations for any service at Posh Pets.

The Bluetick has the classic pleading expression common to hounds, which makes them so appealing.

Blueticks become especially close to their people and love going for car rides with them and sleeping at the foot of the bed, especially when thunderstorms are in the area.

The Bluetick can be found in various forms of pop culture.

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