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13-Jul-2020 14:14

Ad revenue also has dipped more than 15 percent in recent years to 4.5 million, according to Kantar Media.

But Handler is the lone female late-night host with a proven track record amid a sea of male hosts across broadcast and cable.

talk show after eight years, according to her manager, Irving Azoff.

Handler has long been vocal about her dissatisfaction with the network though such complaints could be perceived as part of a negotiation.

STORY: Complete Guide to TV Premiere Dates 2014 Handler has been open about her frustration with programming at E!

In a March 5 appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show, she described E!

” In a few weeks, carpenters will begin construction on the set of her upcoming Netflix talk show, scheduled to begin streaming in 190 nations on May 11.

But for now, on a warm February afternoon in Culver City, as Handler takes in the 16,000-square-foot space for the first time, all she has is her imagination.

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“When you see talent go after a network like that, you think one day it could be me,” this person says.

as “a sad, sad place to live,” adding, “They don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a failure.” While comics such as Jay Leno long have slung mud at their television homes, it’s hard to imagine that NBCUniversal cable entertainment chairman Bonnie Hammer was amused by Handler’s appraisal of her strategy to rebrand E!

over the past few years as a more “aspirational” network.

Handler said on Stern’s show that she’d like a forum like Netflix.

Broadcast networks probably are out, given Handler’s raunchy brand of humor.

In the world of streaming video, nobody is watching the clock too closely. Talk shows on basic cable—such as Samantha Bee’s , on TBS—get away with racier conversations but still have to cut to ads (and deal with jittery advertisers).