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Courses Offered at AUW Career Opportunities Bioinformatics professionals have multiple career opportunities in the public and private sectors.Many work for pharmaceutical, biotech, and biomedical companies.At present as many as 55 thousand learners, those who were somehow dropped from education throughfare have been getting opportunity to enlighten themselves.They are enrolled with its sixteen formal programs and studing in 128 study centers those are situated in Chittagong and its adjoining District areas.Approximately 83 percent of the population is Muslim, 16 percent is Hindu, and 1 percent is Buddhist, Christian, or other.Annual population growth rate is at about 2 percent.Apart from these, newly introduced NICHE-01 program specially design for the Army, Navy & Air Forces new recruits has been given new dimension in BOU’s Ctg RRC education.

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Here it promotes biomedical research and developments, improves curative and preventive medicines, identifies waste cleaning bacteria, and produces high-yield and low-maintenance crops.The Ganges/Padma River flows into the country from the northwest, while the Brahmaputra/ Jamuna enters from the north.