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It isn't my concern if you are owned by someone else. I smiled deviously as he blushed and stumbled over his words.His normally calm demeanor now replaced by a childlike curiosity, which only seemed to enhance his naturally striking good looks.At first I didn't know why, but then once my boobs started growing and I had hard little bumps in my shirt it became obvious.The neighbors on my street couldn't stop looking at them.I arrived, got a nice glass of wine and made myself comfortable until I decided what I was looking for that night. I met a sort of flame yesterday while I was at the supermarket.

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He confessed that he had never been with an older woman before. You're looking for some dirty, hand humping naughtiness to blow your load to aren't you? For now don't worry about any of that, all I want you to do is unzip your pants and let that bulge free. It excites me so much to see a big, hard cock ready to be stroked for me! Without touching your aching cock at all start to drip that lube all over your swollen mushroom head. I sometimes like to attend fetish parties where I get together with other kinksters for lots of interesting things.

There is always a first time for everything as I always say.

I never shy away from anything new or any kinky taboo.

Once I offered to help a neighbor change his oil while I was wearing a yellow sundress and matching panties.

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I stood next to the car handing him the tools as he asked for them....

Unfortunately for him I forgive but I do not forget.