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27-May-2020 05:56

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that is what this game needs, sportsmanship and professionalism, do you know that Players in NHL and NFL who flipped off fans suffered fines ranging from ,500 to ,000 ? One coach was docked ,000 for showing his disdain to the referees.

I mean what would you think of a pro football team or any pro athlete who you like suddenly would rub his face in the face of others who tried hard but come second place?

However, I assume the players who use "GG ez" on purpose are 12 year old, douche bags, or perhaps both who never learned sportsmanship.

Respect ALL players, it's hard not to be a sore looser, but harder not to be a sore the end of a match a true sport will usually say GG or nothing, for me it's like a firm shake with your hand. I assume you got carried by your team (8 out of 10 times usually their name don't even appear on the voting cards at the end of the match)PS: If i might say to blizzard, the option to disable "all chat" is genius as well, same like the game "smite".

Typing “gg ez” or “ggez” in the Match Chat box results in your message automatically changing to one that’s been scripted by Blizzard.

They reach from the mundane to personally insulting, and they’ve been met with a great response from fans. Joey Davidson leads the gaming department here on Techno Buffalo.

the same should be applied only you got carried, but you wipe your !

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LOLThere's still a relatively limited selection of possible messages that can pop up, so everybody will know what they are very soon. because you are, or have a sense of humor of a 12 year old?He's been covering games online for more than 10 years, and he's a lover of all...

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