Casual dating

08-Jun-2020 02:57

Gone are the days of settling down, getting married at 22, and having kids years before you hit thirty.

As of 2015, the average age for at which American married was around 28 (source).

You need to know the rules of casual dating in order to succeed and in order to avoid making mistakes.

How to Casually Date Without Getting Attached First, let's get through the list of rules that you need to follow in order to date without getting attached.

All we know is that it exists, and we’re not sure if we hate it or love it. When you think of dating someone casually, it sounds simple, mess free, and light, right? Your sister will tell you not to text them at all unless you want to have sex. You wake up on the hour, every hour, freaking out that you might be drooling or snoring. Cuddling seems like something that should be reserved for serious, real couples, right? Then you’re like, well we bump uglies, and that’s as intimate as it gets, so why is cuddling such a big deal? You don’t want to talk about your parents, your dream job, or your biggest fears with someone you’re casually dating. All of that “get to know you” stuff is for real relationships, and remember, this isn’t a real relationship. You’re not going to spend the whole night talking about that one camping trip that changed your life, or the time you lost your virginity. Your friends are like oh my god Kate is this the new guy you’re seeing?! The most frustrating thing about casual dating is the fact that there is so much potential to overthink every single thing.

Well, unfortunately, it gets a lot more complicated than that. Your sorority sisters will tell you to text him obviously, because you guys totally have a thing, and it’s not weird. Yeah, folks, sexually transmitted diseases aren’t exactly ideal. Also, it’s not like you’re going to mention a Fourth Of July barbecue when it’s February. And the guy is like Woah since when is our situation considered “seeing” each other? Casual dating will forever be a grey area, and because of this, overthinking will forever exist as long as the dating does.

Here is the hopeless romantic's comprehensive guide to casual dating.

My point of this long tangent is that texting between casual daters is messed up! Being sloppy and weird while drunk isn’t so bad when you’re in a serious relationship with someone, but when you’re casually dating someone, it’s a death wish.

If you are 30 or younger, you probably have had at least one casual dating experience. Regardless, it’s the most common form of relationships amongst us millennials. Obviously one of the best things about casual dating is the sex. But if you go over late on a weeknight to “Netflix and chill”, do you assume that you’re going to spend the night? But then you go and don’t bring an overnight bag and end up getting an infection from sleeping in your contacts. When someone asks you if you’re seeing someone, what do you say?

If you’re 25 or younger, you’ve probably had at least five. It’s a relationship (we use the word relationship loosely) that involves sex and other dynamics of regular dating, but doesn’t involve commitment or dynamics that formal relationships have. Why it started, who wanted it to start, and why it should continue is known to none. Oh, and if you do spend the night, you’re guaranteed to get the worst sleep of your entire life. Consciously reminding yourself not to talk about the future, or anything too personal. You’re not entirely sure what your situation together is, so that means you’re not entirely comfortable-ever. If you say yes, you could be making your simple situation way more serious. Or what if you’re out at a bar together, and you kiss. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the theme going on in this list.

It developed hugely in the last several years; there are even casual dating sites.

It feels like it is the embodiment of all anti-commitment people's dreams, but...We need to learn to enjoy all the perks of having a casual lover and embrace the freedom that we are so quick to reject.