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22-Jan-2020 17:51

Well, what it lacks in delicate imagery it makes up for in clarity.Ask your female friends if they have ever thought to themselves: ‘Yes, his penis is so attractive, I think I will call him and ask to spend the night on the mattress that he has lovingly laid on the unswept floor.’ And yet, there seem to be legions of men out there who are pretty much convinced of the opposite.It’s curious to know that herds of adult males are absolutely certain that a blurred i Phone pic of their private parts will have women lining up outside their mums’ houses for a night of crushing disappointment.

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If your correspondent writes like a nine-year old who has drunk a litre of Red Bull, save yourself many hours of emailing and send a £50 postal order to a randomly selected internet café in Lagos. Pro tip: if you’re suspicious, try Google Image Search.thank you so much, I'm hopeful it will work out this time...

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