British asian men dating

26-May-2020 13:03

Yes, sexual predators come from all classes and races.However, in organised group rapes, such as those in Rotherham and Rochdale, the issues of race and ethnicity are undeniable. As a female British-Muslim writer, I am deeply troubled by the Muslim men who work in packs and entrap and ravage young white girls and teenagers.Mahtab Hussain: I heard how difficult their lives were, how misunderstood they were, and how angry they were with the media and politicians.How they were tired of continually being asked about their identity and proving how British they were, while at the same time being told how un-British they are.

Ahead of its opening at Autograph ABP on May 4, we spoke to Hussain about class, masculinity and how perceptions of Muslims have changed in modern Britain.Why did you settle on ‘You Get Me’ as the exhibition’s titular phrase?