Bottle dating lagunitas

09-Dec-2019 09:10

Mobile packager Iron Heart Canning stamps most every can (a minority of breweries decline) with the packaging run’s date.

The difference between OK beer and great beer can be a matter of time.“If something happens, it’s the only way we can figure out what happened with the beer.” In 2014, Sierra Nevada switched from Julian coding to a month-day-year format.“Our drinkers were contacting us more regularly trying to gain knowledge about beer freshness and how to read our code,” writes Sierra Nevada’s California-based director of brewery operations, Mike Bennett.In a perfect beer world, freshness should be a given. For me, date codes provide an extra layer of watchdogging when the retailer doesn’t care, and distributors and reps might’ve missed that last case in the cooler.

Bypassing a beer because it’s barely a month old, though, is a bad move.

Here’s a quick guide to interpreting our bottled-on date.

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