Blacks jewish dating contacts

16-Jan-2020 16:00

David Sims said: Of course I am an “anti-Semite” — in the sense that Jews hate what I say.

You seem to have a very common kind of confusion, Marc.

The objection that Jews have isn’t toward someone practicing Judaism who marries someone who does not practice Judaism.

There are lots of Jews who are atheists, politely called non-observant, though in fact they are entirely non-religious.

As far as Jews are concerned a convert is 100% Jewish and it has always been this way — we even have a book in the Tanakh number [!

You’d almost get the impression that they were trying to blend out of existence every race except their own.

*** Here’s the record thus far of an ongoing argument with Marc Lipshitz on this topic: Marc Lipshitz said: Oh look, an anti-Semite lying about Jews.

He would have gotten exactly the same flack if she had been Caucasian and not Jewish!

The same applies to blacks — if they are Jewish no one cares, if they aren’t the objection is to their lack of religion, not the fact they are black!

David Sims said: Oh look, a Jew trying to lie to obfuscate a truth about Jews that he does not wish to be exposed.

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