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The insider added: 'They all looked super comfortable together and like they were having a great night out'Both Macaulay and Brenda will appear in Seth's upcoming directorial debut, Changeland, and the former Disney actress admitted making the film in Thailand completely changed her life because they had such an 'incredible' experience.

She said: 'It's basically about a guy who is going on a planned a trip with his wife, finds out that she's cheating on him, and his best friend jumps in last minute, and it's their adventures in Thailand and the people they sort of come across, and the crazy adventures that happen when you go on a trip across the world.'It's been incredible. 'Seth directed and wrote and starred in it, and this has been in the making for the last seven years, so he made it happen, it was incredible - it was like, Changeland for me.

after a pregnancy scare and decides to end things with him.

Dylan is devastated and has a tough time following the break-up, but briefly reconciles with Brenda when he's injured and offered hospitality at the Walsh house.

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Eventually, they grew into a Romeo & Juliet story as Brenda's parents started a war against Dylan.This abandonment by his surrogate parents broke Dylan's heart and he drifted away from the Walshes towards something more simple, and broke Brenda's heart by cheating with her supposed best friend.

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Like so many people who have been narcissistically abused, Debbie was terrified that her “partner chooser” was broken. Was it better to pick someone that she had no chemical attraction to?… continue reading »

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