Astrological dating of the pyramids

25-Jul-2020 08:23

First we see a simulated image of the sky from Mars go massively viral because people thought it actually showed Earth in the Martian sky, then a clearly Photoshopped pic of two "Suns" setting on Mars gets passed around.And now a new slice of oddness enters the field: a picture of a planetary alignment over the Giza Pyramids, saying this only happens once every 2737 years.Also, alignments like this happen fairly often, though to be fair getting them spaced out to fit over the pyramids in this way probably is relatively rare.Busting your Cheops Here’s the picture making the rounds: It clearly shows the three pyramids in Giza, Egypt, with three planets above them.Again it’s looking like the pyramid picture is exaggerating the situation.In this picture, north is up and east is to the right.

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Someone putting themself at just the right place to the northwest at just the right time might be able to get the three planets aligned with the three pyramids.

The main ‘breakthrough’ hailed by the media concerns the accurate dating of the Great Pyramid by modelling the precession of the transit of two stars, Kochab (in Ursa Minor) and Mizar (in Ursa Major), at the north meridian of the sky.

According to Kate Spence, “The ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza have never been accurately dated…

There are various versions of this picture I’ve seen; most are like this with almost no explanation.

Some say the planets are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, and some mention this is what it will look like on December 3rd, 2012, just before sunrise.

First, this obviously cannot be an actual photo This must be a Photoshop job.