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Victor is a perceptive but self-admittedly weak man, while his wife Helen is strong minded but insecure which manifests itself as neurosis.

She constantly tries to forget about her unhappy life by excessive alcohol consumption.

The lines were later "retroscripted"—added to the screenplay after they were spoken."Son of a bitch, he stole my line."According to co-star Matt Damon, who co-wrote the script, Robin Williams came out with a different line for each take of the final scene.

When he delivered this one, Damon recalled in Boston magazine, "It was like a bolt, it was just one of those holy-shit moments where, like, that's it.""Heeeeere's Johnny!

Crawford and Garfield are well-matched in this movie, as Crawford becomes Garfield's patron and gives his career a financial boost but becomes hopelessly drawn to her protégé as his concert career takes off.

The two principals circle each other warily, sizing up the other and lashing out verbally with accusations of ingratitude and selfishness with Garfield holding fast to his dedication to his music while Crawford begins a slow but steady decline into drinking and depression.

But when filming was finished, she went back to being Meryl Streep and donated the designer wardrobe she wore in the movie to charity."Leave the gun, take the cannoli."Director Francis Ford Coppola added "Don't forget the cannoli" to the script just before shooting the scene. Director Martin Scorsese gave him and Ray Liotta the go-ahead to improvise the scene; the other actors had no idea what was coming."You're an errand boy, sent by a grocery clerk."On location Marlon Brando, who hadn't bothered to memorize his lines, folded up pages of the screenplay and turned them into a paper hat, which he put on his head.

The film has generous servings of music by Sarasate, Dvorak, Lalo and a brief but excellent recital of Franz Waxman's adaptation of "Carmen"."Director Stanley Kubrick, who lived in England, didn't know the reference to Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," and Jack Nicholson's dark joke nearly ended up on the cutting room floor.