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As eloquently put by the National Institute of Mental Health report on the teen brain “…the brain does not begin to resemble that of an adult until the early 20s…the parts of the brain responsible for more “top-down” control, controlling impulses, and planning ahead—the hallmarks of adult behavior—are among the last to mature.” Likewise, teen dating violence is not identical to adult domestic violence.

Teens have specific vulnerabilities unique to their age and development. to negative influences and outside pressures, including from their family and peers; they have limited control over their own environment and lack the ability to extricate themselves from horrific, crime-producing settings.” We know that teens have limited capacity for foresight and impulse control.

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Worse, it is violence experienced by young girls, including , from the ages of 12 to 18.They included children who were both male and female, heterosexual and LGBTQ, and from every ethnic background imaginable.It was, and is, very sad to me that while these children are supposed to be focusing on the challenge of adolescence, they were instead grappling with the violence caused by their partners.century when children were thought of as tiny adults in children’s clothing.

Teens and adolescents are developmentally and emotionally unique.(Throughout this article the pronoun “she” is used, although victims of teen dating violence can be both male and female.