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Mair, slight of build and balding with a gray goatee beard, refused to speak to police, enter a plea or offer any defense at the London Old Bailey trial, which was treated as a terrorism case. that your inspiration is not love of country or your fellow citizens, it is an admiration for Nazism and similar anti-democratic, white supremacist creeds.” During the eight-day trial, Mair remained silent and gave no explanation as to why he attacked Cox, a former humanitarian aid worker who campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU.

He asked to make a statement only after the jury unanimously returned a guilty verdict, but Judge Alan Wilkie refused. Mair, who had never come to police attention before, was also convicted of grievous bodily harm for stabbing a 77-year-old man who tried to save Cox during the assault outside Birstall library in the region of West Yorkshire.

Ankara had also been at odds with the US and EU over their stance toward Iran’s nuclear programme, arguing for a diplomatic solution to the standoff instead of sanctions.

But the agreement over hosting the Nato radar comes at a time when Turkey and Iran appear to be differing on their approach toward Syria, with Turkey becoming increasingly critical of Iranian ally Syria’s brutal suppression of anti-regime protests.

They said he never had visitors, spoke little and avoided eye contact. No mental health diagnosis of any illness but signs of obsessive compulsive (disorder),” Detective Superintendent Nick Wallen told reporters.

“He can’t react with other people in a social setting.

But there were clear signs of his far-right leanings.

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Russia agreed to consider a Nato proposal last year to cooperate on the missile shield, but insisted the system be run jointly.An analysis of his Internet usage on computers in local libraries also showed Mair’s obsession with the far right.

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