Advantages and disadvantages of consolidating school districts within a state

03-Feb-2020 17:09

A mixture of centralisation and decentralisation is the practice of today.Advantages of Centralization of Authority The various advantages of Centralisation of Authority are : 1.

advantages and disadvantages of consolidating school districts within a state-8

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Many of the districts are so small that they have little or no advantage in contracting for operational equipment and supplies.In the former state of centralisation, all office personnel are placed at a central place for work but in the later set up, personnel are scattered at departmental level but their control is exercised from a central point.Cenratisatioh of authority in pure sense of the term is not found.The consolidation initiative died when advisors to Gov. Thompson worried that the effort would stir up controversy and spell trouble for the governor in what was predicted to be a hotly contested gubernatorial race against Adiai E. Consolidation was laid to rest and has not resurfaced.

An inherent problem with the consolidation effort was that it laid the initiative for consolidation at the doorstep of the Educational Service Region superintendent.The argument to reduce the number of school districts in Illinois is based upon several assumptions: (1) cost savings could accrue from consolidation; (2) administrative effectiveness could be increased; and (3) educational advantages could result.