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Percentages are based on the population of the city/town in question, except for burglaries, which are based on the number of households.

The right of the public to have access to North Dakota state government records and information is guaranteed by the North Dakota Open Records Law.

Minot is easier to navigate due to it's smaller size, but in Bismarck if you follow State St you can find just about anything.

It also turns into the highway in case you're just traveling through. Grocery stores are usually always open 24hrs 7 days though! Grand Forks Smaller than GF, a bit more complicated to nagivate than Bismarck. Home a of large State College, UND, so there is a big load of student-age adults in some areas. Go to St Alexius for anything and everything you need.

The largest man-made lake, Lake Sacajawea, is the best place to spend those relaxing summer months. Not too overcrowded but the added pleasure of regular restaurant franchises and shopping stores.

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They are not meant to accurately predict whether one person in particular will be a victim of crime.

Our school system has some of the highest scores in the nation.

Thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act we have special funds set aside for all schools to employ extra help, fund groups and clubs, and basically go directly toward the well being if the student. But the cities are working to build new schools and places for citizens to spread out. There's a pretty good sized populations here so many clubs, online sites, dating and singles seminars. There are both ones here looking to start a family and those looking for a good time.

(Please note- be careful, a lot of the oil riggers are unfaithful and have families.

I've heard countless stories of people being lied to and left)The only extra outdoor noise is the city-wide alert system. With extremes on both ends, we regularly deal with harsh winds in the summer, temperatures up to 110 degrees F, rain and flash floods...