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01-Jun-2020 21:27

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This new script was written without input from the directors, which would form a rift between them and the producers throughout the duration of the project.

The aim of this new script was to remove or lighten the mature undertones, in favor of a lighter and more practical adventure for the family.

The one (misguided) attempt at humor is a scene in which Bruce Willis, in homage to Die Hard, cameos in the air ducts of Koopa’s Tower.

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The result in this draft was a transitional narrative somewhere between Bennett and Runté’s comedic sensibility and Clement and la Frenais’ own “mature” and action-packed take.This proved a smart move as the new first act really takes the time and care to establish sincere characters.Likewise, the world of Dinohattan feels just as real with its mishmash of world architecture and fashion inspired by both reptilian sentiment and more clever game references (coin-stuffed phone booths and the “Donut Land donut shop” stand out) than later drafts would care to work out.To their surprise and annoyance, they were given a completely new script by yet another team of writers once they arrived on set to begin filming.

This new script would lack the political and social depth of before in favor of something lighter and more practical.

to the more grounded sci-fi take of Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel.