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13-Feb-2020 13:24

There are no video games on Linked In, no “Words With Friends.” It’s not a place for fun or to kick back.You should assume no one’s there looking for romance, much less to be ogled.Straight men who use Linked In to score a date assume that women will be attracted to a man’s money, not his personality.It’s a common mistake to believe that money and ambition also guarantee a date.Proudman’s story drew responses from hundreds of exasperated women with the same experience.Many women are all too sick of being evaluated for their looks rather than their accomplishments, and find it demeaning to be reduced to their physical characteristics.

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Flirting on Linked In isn’t just counterproductive — it can come across as wildly inappropriate.Women who are approached on the platform “tend not to name and shame” because they’re fearful of “burning bridges,” Metcalfe said.