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Well that is where I step in, at least for those of you who have students with hearing loss on your caseloads.Last year at this time I had a few students with hearing loss managed with both hearing aids and cochlear implant (CI) on my caseload.Here's one way to implement a This accomplishes a lot more than it looks.

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Interacting with students who are deaf or hard of hearing: There are a few key characteristics to be aware of when interacting with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Captions: Making sure that all class videos are captioned is probably the most difficult to arrange type of accommodation for deaf or hard of hearing students.

Fortunately, there are resources on campus to help you with this.

This makes it difficult to look down and write notes.

Unless the professor is willing to stop speaking while the students look down to take notes, the students who are deaf or hard of hearing will miss what the professor is saying while they write.

What's interesting is that some of these accommodations are actually quite beneficial to other students without disabilities or with different types of learning challenges.

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