A records not updating

08-Feb-2020 06:51

Creating the table used in the tutorial In a previous article on action queries, the Make Table query was discussed.

Using the procedure discussed in the tutorial, a Test Product Qry was created using the following SQL View of the Make Table query.

The Table row shows the name of the table that contains the field.

To see how the values will be changed, look at the expression in the Update To row.

Please read the Microsoft KB article link provided at the conclusion of this tutorial.

This tutorial shows various ways you can update the record in a single table.

The design view of the table Test Products along with the original table is shown in the next picture. Here have been turned off by setting their values to No.

When you run the form you can change the values in the various columns except the primary key field. You will be able to type the change in the text box; after you have made your edits, you just need to move to another record (movement can be forward or backward).

If these rows are empty, all rows in the table listed in the Table row will be updated.you will get another message from the program letting you know how many rows are going to be modified as shown.Now when you click on the Yes button one more time the changes will be made to the table as shown in the next picture.Queries in the main screen of the access file can be easily identified as they are shown with different types of icons.

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You may run the Update Query you created by double clicking its icon.This immediately brings up the message window, letting you know about the changes that are going to be made.