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Mental illness might be a chronic disease, but so is diabetes or asthma, and those aren’t usually relationship dealbreakers. This’ll help you better understand what’s happening inside the brain, and why.Plus, your partner will probably think it’s super thoughtful that you did your homework.It’s not that they don’t love you, it’s just that sometimes their brain feels like it’s drowning in a bubbly black puddle of tar and it’s hard to focus on anything else. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be taking care of your own needs, but just keep in mind that they aren’t depressed on purpose.7. ” Big components of depression for some people are tiredness and withdrawing from social situations. They probably already feel plenty bad, so don’t guilt trip.So, a depressed person is definitely not always going to be down to go party with all your friends or hang out in big groups. Figure out some alternatives, and empathize with their needs.8. It’s scary to share the dark sides of a mental illness with someone, especially when they are attached to such a stigma.Brain chemicals and neurotransmitters are complicated things.4. Management, however, is key, and you can be a huge help when it comes to that.You can absolutely be the one who can make someone forget about their problems, if only for a couple of hours. Help them research to find one that might be a good fit. Offer to take them and hang out in the waiting room with them. Support them in decisions they make alongside their doctors.And one label that you should use is “crazy.” Not only is it inaccurate and just plain mean, but harsh words like that can stick with someone for ages. You can also read articles by medical professionals to learn more about the condition’s causes, signs, and treatments.

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And you can support a depressed person seeking external help from medical professionals for themselves.5. This should be something that’s handled solely by a medical professional.6. them.” Here’s the thing: A depressed person is sad because of chemicals in the brain, not because their partner is doing something wrong. And even though it’s difficult, try not to take your partner’s anger or sadness personally. But pushing them to do something that they don’t want to do will only make matters worse.A person experiencing depression can be seen as working to make sense of life and trying to achieve more, fix more and improve more.