10 commandment for dating my daughter

11-Mar-2020 15:09

He has also been vocal in his support for James Packer's new casino (featuring indoor smoking for high rollers) at Barangaroo on Sydney Harbour - despite previous public positions condemning the vices of gambling and durries.

state political editor, Sean Nicholls, to suggest Nile's behaviour was "duplicitous".

He then claimed the 'Son of God' would actually be proud of his robust defence because, y'know, an all-powerful, all-knowing super-being needs all the help he can get from keyboard tough guys.(I particularly enjoyed the fact Phil threatened me on the Sabbath).

Other emails predictably descended into theological bickering, quoting scripture and arguing that without God's word to follow on issues like who we can shag in the privacy of our own homes, the world would surrender to chaos and catamites because we'd have no moral compass to guide us. Please don't take it personally if I do not reply to your email as they come in thick and fast depending on the topic.

Phillip no doubt considers himself a moral person because of his (somewhat patchy) adherence to Old Testament ideals, as I'm sure does the very Reverend Fred Nile. See, that last one's yet another thing Jesus and I disagree about. Please know, I appreciate you taking the time to write and comment and would offer mummy hugs to all.

Nile, as outlined in the above-mentioned blog, recently helped block a bill in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage, describing the legislation as having originated in the "depths of Hell". You've probably got your own set of alternative commandments.

Aside from this, the first four commandments are just plain silly and sound like the instructions of an insecure, scarily-possessive teenage boy to his girlfriend before she goes away to schoolies without him.

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You shall accept that texts defy the old-school rules of proper phone call timing. If you don’t want a text to wake you at p.m., then for goodness sake, turn off your phone, or don’t keep it in the bedroom.Have you ever texted something in anger and felt good about it later?Here’s a tip: Type out the angry text and send it to yourself as an email.In last month, writer Erin Coulehan wrote the much-discussed piece “Stop texting like this: How 1 extra character turns a plain message into a passive-aggressive dig.” What was the character in question? In reporting on the study discussed in the piece as well as her own experience, Coulehan stated that, “‘Sure.’ no longer reads as an agreement, but passive aggressive indifference.” #4. Since that’s not editor, Molly Tolsky, and the lesson can be summed up in one word: Revelation. You shall not use an emoji when the situation calls for words.

If a friend texts bad news, you should respond with a heartfelt, “I’m sorry,” and a sincere offer to help, not the sad panda emoji.One charming email trail from a gentleman named Phillip began with profanity and, when I chided him for his lack of Christian values, proceeded to outright obscenity and threats."I'm not one of those pathetic turn-the-other-cheek Christians, arsehole.